29 - 30 April Justus Lipsius Building, Brussels

Want to build an application that enables European citizens to truly understand what is going on in Europe?

Are you interested in European data and want to create new transparency applications on top of this data? Want to make decision-making on a European level searchable and understandable for everyone?

Then join us at Diplohack Brussels. We're inviting everyone to join us, whether you’re a diplomat, developer, designer, citizen, student, journalist or activist. We will connect different profiles together in teams to use European data for good.The idea is that you create a prototype or MVP with this data in just 24 hours. We will support you in any way possible, explain the data and help you get started.

Friday - Saturday 29 - 30 April

Council of the European Union,
Justus Lipsius Building
Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 175,
1048 Bruxelles / Brussels (BE)


Who can participate?

We will create multi-skilled teams based on the different profiles who are present. We're inviting diplomats, journalists, developers, designers, students, citizens, civil society actors, social entrepreneurs, academics and basically anyone who want to use and re-use public open data to hack diplomatic issues. If you feel this topic appeals to you then you are more than welcome.

The Diplohack

A Diplohack is a hackathon focused on creating synergies between the skill sets of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as diplomats, developers, designers, NGOs etc. In this case we will use these collaborative and creative methods to build applications that give citizens more insight and usable information about European decision-making.

The Datad(r)ive

On the 15th of April we hosted a webinar together with the EU institutions to talk about the available data and the technical details.

There is a video and a summary with all necessary links on our blog.

The Data?

The Council of the European Union and the EU institutions already have an extensive catalogue of open datasets, which you can use to build your application. These cover many different aspects, including Politics, Law, Transparency and Finance. On the EU Open Data Portal you can see which datasets are already available.

On the EU Open Data Portal you can see the datasets published by the European Union institutions. Similarly, the European Data Portal provides data from all member states as well.


Open Knowledge BE
Transparency Camp Europe
Diplohack Global


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Interactive map to find out how much European funding goes to which country and on what it is spent

Pieter-Jan Vandenberghe, Sander Meert, Michael Vanderpoorten, Eveline Vlassenroot, Wiebe Marichael

European population, European Structural and Investment Funds



Visualization to present EU legislation by industrial sector and citizens benefits

Virginia Mercouri

Eur-Lex, Euro-Voc descriptors

EU SectorLex

Virginia Mercouri

Website that helps understanding and analysing consilium votes

Miquel Catala, Xavier Dutoit, Julii Selianko, Jan Moeller, Kristof Bernaert, Laetitia Veriter

Consilium Vote data




Diplohack Brussels

EU Datad(r)ive Webinar

Read about our online datadive webinar and get to a crash course of the most interesting transparency datasets in all of the EU institutions. Several data experts have explained which datasets are available and how they can be used. Including video. Also accesible for data-reusers not attending the hackathon.

Read our blog post 15 April
Diplohack Brussels

Diplohack Brussels

Join us at Diplohack Brussels and you might be part of the team that wins a ticket for two people to go to the next round and pitch your idea at the TransparencyCamp Europe unconference in Amsterdam. Other teams from Brussels can still submit their application in the online competition.

29-30 April
Diplohack Brussels

TransparencyCamp Europe

All the winners of the local Diplohacks and the online competition get to present their application and pitch to an international jury of experts during the unconference. The winning team will receive a two-night stay in and flights to Washington, DC and special tickets to TransparencyCamp USA in September.

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