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How to access Council of EU data on votes on legislation using SPARQL and AngularJS

One of the areas I've been focusing on lately is the so called "Semantic Web", in particular Open Data as a way to make governments more transparent and provide data to citizens. From a technical point of view, these data are redistributed using the RDF/LD format.

Diplohack Datad(r)ive Webinar summary

This is the Diplohack Datad(r)ive Webinar Blogpost. About all that you saw (or didn’t) and more.

A taste of EU open datasets

So you want to participate in the App Competition! Chances are that you have visited the European Data Portal and were overwhelmed with the roughly 400.000 available datasets. In other datablogs we will delve into the available EU decision-making and financial data, but in this datablog we will take a look at two of the many other topics: public health and the environment.

An easy way to find European open data

With the TransparencyCamp Europe App Competition we call on developers and data crunchers to create, develop and submit web applications, mobile apps or online tools that utilise public sector information and open data to benefit people.