Revisit the Diplohack Data Market

The Data Market presentations:

What open datasets were available at the #Diplohack? There were EU institutions and civil society organisations on-site to provide the hackers with the necessary data and tools. Here are the presentations that they pitched:

Public Procurement Data. Tenders Electronic Database.

DG Sante datasets.

JRC-Names: A freely available, highly multilingual named entity resource.

Open Budgets by Open Knowledge International.

Open Datasets of the Council of the EU.

Supporting the Marine Strategy Framework Directive: JRC EMIS / GMIS datasets.

The European Dataportal harvests open data that was made available by all public administrations across Europe.

European Union Open Data Portal by the Publications Office.

And finally, Cellar: Semantic Database of EU Law.

Datad(r)ive Webinar

On 15 April, we also had a Diplohack Datad(r)ive Webinar that was recorded and is available in full on our vimeo. Enjoy!