Photos, videos and other impressions of Diplohack Brussels

Diplohack in numbers

Some raw data: we had 56 attendees, spending 36 hours together, of which 24 hours was about hacking EU decision making. The event trended on Twitter on both days, generating over 569 tweets on 2 days and engaging over 200 users. And Slack was definitely a vibrant channel of communication for the hackers: they've sent 1826 messages, of which 27% in public channels, 36% in private channels and 37% as direct messages. Also we have consumed few hundreds of cups of coffee, but we haven't got the final data on it yet. ;)

Relive the best moments of the event.



160429 Diplohack Brussels

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For more insight in how it felt for hackers and volunteers,check out the Diplohack story by Claudia Elion from the Dutch Presidency on Storify.