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Energy Zip

Energy Zip Project is a webvisualisation examining european structural & investment funds for renewable energy.


refEUgo is a quiz by The APPy migrants team, providing a reference of which EU Member State is suited best for your or any refugee.


Unvote by The nighthawks team is an interactive tool which enables you to discover correlations between the council votes on legislative acts and countries' features. is a website that helps understanding and analysing consilium votes.

EU SectorLex

EU SectorLex by Virginia Mercouri was a visualization to present EU legislation by industrial sector and citizens benefits.


Pig-EU-Bank is a project by the Diplohack volunteer team. It is an interactive map to find out how much European funding goes to which country and on what it is spent.

You can check all projects at our Virtual Showcase or watch the full pitching session on:

And the winner is...! Their team will travel to Amsterdam to participate in TransparencyCamp Europe. And so can you: it's a free unconference where everyone is welcome! And don't forget that there's a pre-conference hackathon on 31 May in the Impact Hub Amsterdam.