Interactive map to find out how much European funding goes to which country and on what it is spent

Pieter-Jan Vandenberghe, Sander Meert, Michael Vanderpoorten, Eveline Vlassenroot, Wiebe Marichael

European population, European Structural and Investment Funds



Visualization to present EU legislation by industrial sector and citizens benefits

Virginia Mercouri

Eur-Lex, Euro-Voc descriptors

EU SectorLex

Virginia Mercouri

Website that helps understanding and analysing consilium votes

Miquel Catala, Xavier Dutoit, Julii Selianko, Jan Moeller, Kristof Bernaert, Laetitia Veriter

Consilium Vote data

Interactive tool to discover correlations between the council votes on legislative acts and countries' development indicators

Daniel Herchenbach, Christian Oswald, Rula Sayaf, Tuomas Tiihonen

Council votes, world development indicators


The nighthawks

Quiz that provides a reference which EU Member State is suited for a refugee

Lina Rusch, Yuriy Perminov, Triinu Rajasalu, Virginia Mercouri, John Billow, Illya Rozenbaum, Manuel Pueyo

Eurostat data


APPy migrants

webvisualization examining european structural & investment funds for renewable energy

Adam Jendrosek, Elena Dimitrova, Filipa Pimentel, Jo√£o Santos, Josip Jezic von Gesseneck, Luta Valentina Morciano, Sergey Paramonov, Katerina Zalamova

European Structural & Investment Funds


Team EnergyZip